Rejuv cyte

RejuvcyteRejuv cyte

Rejuv cyte is an alternative medicine formulation which contains herbal ingredients that have anciently been shown to have Anti-carcinogenic activity.


Rejuv cyte contains unique herbs are known for their proven ability to prevent metastasis( cell division).


Rejuv cyte increases the body’s natural resistance system, increases the body’s capacity to withstand a successful bacterial and / or viral infection, and boosts the body’s ability to recuperate.


Rejuv cyte provides effective blood purification and detoxification.


Rejuv cyte should be tried before surgery, chemotherapy, and / or radiation. In cases where patients have had surgery / chemotherapy / radiation. They can also be used in combination with western medicine and radiotherapy for synergistic results.


Rejuv cyte‘s Ingredients have also proven its effectiveness against all infectious diseases caused by viruses and bacteria, and also against many non-infectious diseases.

Ingredients: Laghu Sutshekhar Ras, Kamdudha Sadha, Turmeric Wala, Gokhru, Aloe vera, Coriander, Durva, Onion Ras.